Monday, October 4, 2010

September is over... the final parade :)

Aileen's quilt, very special... made for a treasured friend who won't remember
quilting detail... gold coloured thread on golden fabric for a golden friendship 
Quilts that become bags for faraway friends
The process... this one is special 
Quilts in progress... gentle night time stitches 
Little quilts for young 'uns... made by old experienced hands.  My sweet friend Marj - who will be 90 soon.  We love Marj... :) 
Fluffy back sides for added snuggle value 
Val's gorgeous quilt 
Quilts that protect...
...workshop supervisors 
Little quilts that tell a story
about being nice to each other 
and the last one for this gallery... a pretty applique quilt
surrounded by feathers and wriggles 
Seeya next September :)