Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Let's take a snoop at some quilty doings...  quilts doing things that quilts don't normally do... or maybe they do...

Quilts normally lie on the bed, or drape themselves over a lounge, or wrap themselves around us, or hang around very neatly on a quilt ladder...

Some quilts do this.... not really 'normal' but quite acceptable...

but I don't think there are many quilts that do this...

climb trees on a bleak blustery day
 If you'd like to join us, read on - it's all about the quilt...

- take your quilt to an exotic or unusual location and encourage it to do strange things (nothing rude!!)

- take a photo or two of your quilt (doing it's strange thing)

- post it on your blog ~ some time in September

- leave a message here so we can all come and look at the antics of your quilt... and have a giggle

- email me (septemberquiltshow@gmail.com) so I can add you to the list over there on the right 


No blog??  No worries!!  Send me your photo and I'll post it here along with your story

I've issued the challenge to Wayne - of Wayne's quilt fame - and believe me, it will be worth the wait to see what he comes up with.  It might involve live fish... or mud crabs... 
He's crazy...
'jelly beans grow on trees' crazy

have fun....


  1. Oh Cheryl, your quilts look absolutely beautiful all around your fence. Of course your house is to die for!! I adore the way your flannel quilt is able to climb trees, extremely talented that one. (Sorry deleted the first comment I made, the grammar was atrocious!!)

  2. Great idea! Hope I finish my quilt in time to take part! Maybe your quilt flew off the verandah rail to go on an adventure?

  3. cute idea. I will see what I can come up with.
    I love all your quilts on the fence. Your house looks like a retreat for quilters. Very pretty.

  4. Greetings from Roma... I think this is wonderful idea. Loved seeing your quilts out on the fence each getting a chance to enjoy the sunshine.
    Love the idea of quilts going on some kind of adventure, so will have to get my thinking cap on and find the perfect place for one of my quilts to take off and go to... Will be staying in touch....

  5. this looks like fun! I don't have a blog so it is exciting to know that photos of my quilt might be shown here. thank you for this great idea cheryl, i will join sue with my thinking cap ;-}


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